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Наша главная городость - это наши преподаватели!
Они талантливые, опытные, усердные, интересные, обаятельные, строгие,
веселые, замечательные люди! Знакомьтесь.



080103 IgorHarrierCom 013350 minKatrin

Education: Moscow State Linguistic University
Extra Practice: Internship at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russian Federation
Hobbies: Tennis

I am a certified English teacher with over 9 years of professional teaching experience. Being a translator originally, I undertook an internship at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russian Federation, then I switched to teaching English. I used to teach pilots and foreign pupils, but now I’m involved in teaching children, adults and corporate students.

My hobbies are traveling, tennis and psychology. I am a happy person because I absolutely love my job, my students, the language and all the challenges I face on the way to the result - it is cool to hear my students fluent English, knowing that it is the result of our mutual work. 



080103 IgorHarrierCom 004136 min


Education: Pyatigorsk State University
Hobbies: Photography and Video shooting

I did not become a teacher the day I walked out of university. I was trained as a teacher but it took several years for me to feel like a teacher. I traveling and personal hobbies as for me they are all kinds of boarding and video shooting can lead you to perfect communication in any group and with any student, you will always find what to speak about, so to achieve the main goal of any language lesson. 

I have been teaching English for past five years. I have taught in private language centers, international schools, and private classes. I have experience working with students from four years old to forty years old from beginner to advanced levels, experience with teens as I'm working at a state school.



IMG 5136 e 750Alyona

Education: Moscow State Linguistic University
Extra Practice: Nottingham, Great Britain
Hobbies: Book Club in What's Up School ;)

I have been a teacher all my working life and I started teaching right after I had graduated from one the best linguistic Universities in Russia - Moscow State Linguistic University. Besides, almost half of a year I spent in Nottingham, Great Britain, where I fell deeply in love with the English language, culture,literature and football. Why teaching? Well, for me it’s all about helping people to reach their full potential and giving them the confidence to try things they always find difficult. 

Moreover,I am really keen on reading books, so that I have been also working for our special project - Book Club, where all the lovers of good, compelling, quality literature, bookworms and just people who are eager to read English books could discuss their favourite novels' and share their opinions and impressions.

tim teacher




Education:  Temple University, Philadelphia, PA, USA

Hobbies:  Photography, Philosophy and Media Studies.

I have a Master’s Degree in Media Studies and Production with an Undergraduate Degree in Political Science and Mass Communications.  I like to engage in philosophical discussion pertaining to technology and society.  I am an avid photographer and believe that this medium can be used to better understand how information is created, managed and distributed.





151024 IgorHarrierCom 133015 minOlga

Education: Saratov State University
Hobbies: English, Literature, Sport, Cats

When you come to our school of English What's Up, one positive person meets you! It's me. =) Be sure, I'll help you to check your level of English, choose the best course and group according to your language abilities and preferences.

Since my childhood, I've been dreaming to become a teacher as my mother did. That's why I graduated from the Saratov State University as a teacher of English. I like teaching children very much. They give me real positive emotions and trust me sincerely.

I hate doing nothing. I am a person of different interests. I'm fond of sport, music, knitting, sewing and creating different handmade things. I like history, psychology, classical books (especially the novels by my favorite writer William Somerset Maugham). Besides, I adore cats. I think every new day is a great chance to get better. See you in What's Up school of English!


IMG 5196 e750


Education: Cherkasy National University 
Extra Practice: Potsdam, Germany
Hobbies: Gym, Cooking

Teaching plays an important role in my heart. It's always interesting to meet new people, learn something new from them, share their emotions and their achievements. I decided to become a teacher many years ago when I was a child, that's why I'm here now.

Teaching helps me to achieve my goals and also helps me to strengthen my knowledge and self-confidence. I like to meet challenges and broaden my outlook.
Besides, I speak German and Spanish. At What's Up School there is a great opportunity to help people to improve their English. I try to make my classes productive, interesting and student-centered! Besides the ordinary classes, you can visit our clubs that will help you to improve your communicative skills! 


Vera photo


Education: Orel State University
Hobbies: Travelling, Sport

My career as a teacher began when I was studying at the university. That time I worked with children and it was a great pleasure for me. Within the process of teaching, I try to find both personal and professional satisfaction. The great teachers that I have had throughout my student life have become my role models. I remember they were good at explaining things, were patient and firm with students, knew how to motivate and used humor appropriately. This is the type of a teacher I intend to be. 
I can’t imagine my life without traveling. It helps me to discover more about the world, to experience its beauty, to meet new people and to have wild adventures. The next place I am going to visit is Jamaica.



151024 IgorHarrierCom 140017 min


Education: Higher School of Economics
Hobbies: Literature, Arts

I learned English in the USA when I was a child and I've been teaching English for more than 7 years. I think it's important for anyone who wants to learn a new language to get passionate about it. And how can you get passionate about something? You need inspiration from other people! Come to What's Up school where everyone is passionate about English! It's simply the best school in Moscow to have the pleasure of meeting great professional teachers and talented students.